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Let's talk BOTOX!

QuickVisit Urgent Care is excited to announce that we'll be offering BOTOX at our clinic in Newton, Iowa! We are more than just medical care. At certain QuickVisit locations, we will be offering Botox treatment to can add to your beauty routine!

What is Botox?

Botox is a medication that is injected into different muscles to cause temporary paralysis and reduce the muscles' ability to move. When the movement is halted, it can prevent wrinkles from developing and help reduce deep lines from forming. If you already have wrinkles or deep lines, that’s no problem. Botox even helps temporarily eliminate those, too! A consultation is performed to determine the amount of Botox that would be necessary and where you could benefit from the medication. The initial consultation at QuickVisit is free, and treatments can even be done the same day! Botox is priced at $12 per unit. Individuals can expect to receive anywhere from 15 to 30 units depending on the area. Let us help boost your self-confidence, defy the ageing process, and say goodbye to your wrinkles! Contact our QuickVisit Urgent Care in Newton, Iowa to schedule your consult!

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