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QuickVisit Urgent Care was founded in 2020 by a group of people passionate about bringing accessible and affordable healthcare across rural America.   

The story of QuickVisit begins with Stan and Winnette Bevis. Stan was born and raised in a rural community. After losing his father at a young age, Stan realized there was a gap in accessible, preventive care in rural communities. This led him to begin his journey in the medical field. He spent his early nursing career in the emergency room and on the Vanderbilt LifeFlight team as a Registered Flight Nurse. Stan then proceeded to earn his Family Nurse Practitioner degree. After gaining healthcare experience, Stan had a dream to help close the gaps in healthcare in rural communities. With the help of his wife, Winnette, this dream became a reality when they opened the doors of an urgent care clinic in their rural hometown in Tennessee in 2009.  

The Bevis's wanted to continue to grow and provide excellent healthcare. They did this with the help of their friend, Dr. Reams Powers. Dr. Powers is a medical doctor that grew up in a small town in Tennessee. Dr. Powers has experience practicing in the emergency department and family medicine.  With their combined passion for people and healthcare, this team continued to expand.  Within nine years, they helped lead a team in opening over 80 clinics across the Southeast. This was the first "rural urgent care" network.  After this chapter closed, Stan, Winnette, and Dr. Powers felt the need to continue to provide access to care across the country.  

In 2020, they began leading a new healthcare venture - QuickVisit Urgent Care. The first QuickVisit location was opened in Henderson, Texas. QuickVisit has grown and now operates in 15 cities across rural Texas and Iowa.  

Carey Powers, Dr. Richard Reams Powers, Stan Bevis & Winnette Bevis


In 2023, Dustin Greene became the CEO of QuickVisit Urgent Care.  Greene worked for HCA, the nation's largest healthcare system, for twenty-one years including eight years as a hospital CEO.  Dustin has a passion and ambition to deliver on QuickVisit's mission, while also working to expand the company.  "QuickVisit is on the right side of the healthcare continuum, advocating for affordable care and convenient access in some of the most underserved parts of our country.  With a compelling mission and vision, we are well positioned to impact communities in the years ahead." 

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