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QuickVisit can be your family's primary care provider. We offer health management for all ages and all stages.

Annual Wellness Exams
Women's Health
Diabetes Management
Medicare Exams
Check-up's and Consultations
Men's Health
Blood Pressure Management
Lab Testing

What is a Primary Care Provider? 

The main purpose of having a primary care provider is to improve your health by providing easy access to healthcare. Our skilled primary care providers focus on you as an individual. We work to improve your entire well-being and health by identifying and solving any health issues that may be present or that may be show as a potential for future concerns. We will promote healthy habits, provide preventive care, and help get you to additional healthcare services. 

Why do I need a Primary Care Provider?

  • Transparency of Health History - Primary Care Providers build a long-lasting relationship with you and gain an understanding of your health history and your lifestyle. Your primary care provider gets to know YOU! 

  • Preventive Care - Primary care providers are often the ones who first diagnose any long-term issues. Your primary care provider sees you on a regular basis. They will order blood work regularly, take your vital signs, and examine your body to keep you on the right track. Most insurances cover one free Annual Wellness Check per year with your primary care provider! 

  • Lower Health Cost - By staying on top of your annual wellness exams through primary care appointments, you'll be healthier! Your need for any specialty, emergency, or hospital care will drastically reduce and save you in medical costs. 

  • Medication Management It can be challenging to keep up with medications and refilling prescriptions in a timely manner, especially without the help and guidance of your primary care provider.  A primary care provider is aware of the medications you take and is aware of any potential drug interaction issues. Your PCP can also make sure that all your medications are being prescribed and filled in a timely manner. You can also call your primary care office at any time to discuss any medication issues or questions.

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