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QuickVisit is excited to be partnering with a compound pharmacy to add injectable medication to your weight loss journey. We offer two different GLP-1 medications, which help with appetite suppression and delaying gastric emptying. The injectable medication will also help in blood sugar reduction for those who are insulin-resistant. 

QuickVisit's partnership with medical weight loss injections can help you lose the weight and gain your life. We will work hand in hand to help you feel happier and healthier! Our program includes an initial consult, lab panels, behavior modification coaching, compound injections or medication, and routine follow-up visits. 

Let's work together to make life-long changes in your habits!

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How much does it cost?

Pricing will vary depending on the dosage and type of medication set by your QuickVisit provider. Each month your medication will be shipped directly to you through our partnered compound pharmacy. No shipping cost, no hassle!

You will have routine appointments with your QuickVisit provider to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed for the best results. We offer self-pay for this program. Both initial visits and follow-up will be $99.

*Pricing for outside lab testing will be billed separately from the outside lab. You will be financially responsible for all send-out labs.

Am I eligible for injectables?

Patients must meet the below criteria in order to be prescribed any weight loss injections or medication:

  • Qualifying BMI, weight, and height

  • No personal or family history of thyroid cancer

  • Not pregnant and/or breastfeeding

  • No history of Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type II

How do I get started today?

Schedule your appointment! At your first appointment, you will complete a health questionnaire and a physical exam. You and your provider will sit down to discuss:

  • What are your overall weight loss goals?

  • How often are your physically active?

  • What are your eating habits?

  • What has worked for you?

  • What has not worked for you?

Your provider at QuickVisit will send out a variety of labs to check your CBC to review your overall health, your metabolic panel, thyroid levels, and your A1C. Your results will help distinguish what form of compound injection will work best for you in your weight loss journey. 

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